Fasta Pasta Lunch Deal

$8.90 lunch deals at Fasta Pasta! The portion was just right.

Doraemon Biscuits

The main reason I bought this tin of biscuits was for the “tin” itself. The Doraemon face was simply too cute to resist! The biscuits taste like regular lotte コアラのマーチ biscuits.

New Silicon Baking Trays

Bought some new silicon baking trays at Pick ‘n Pay the other day, things were so cheap since they were splitting back into Coles and Kmart. These new baking trays weren’t as easy to use as I imagined, but the end result looked ok!


今晚煮了簡單又好吃的家常豆腐. 只花了10-15分鐘就完成了~

Baking Book

I got this as a present from my previous work place – it’s still one of my all-time favourite recipe books.

紅豆 + 豆花

今天的飯後甜品 = 紅豆 + 豆花

Night Yum-Cha at Shangri-la

The food was okay, but you can tell that it was just reheated. They didn’t have any 腸粉 or 牛肉丸 either.